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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Historic melancholy

At the end of 1876, General Porfirio Diaz assumed the presidency of Mexico. He was in charge of our country for 35 years but although he is considered a dictador for ones -and the main cause of Mexican Revolution for the liberal rebels- there were a lot of advances in communications due the big impulse he put in ways, railroads and telegraphs during his government, that helped later for the industrial development in the country.

After 1946, Ferrocarril Mexicano was bought by the State and for 50 years it was a public organization and got affected by the low Research & Development of the company and became into an obsolete service, so in 1996 it was sold to a private group that transports only charge materials. It's sad we don't have human railroad transport anymore.
posted by Yanit at 2:46 PM


Are you telling us not even a free ride, no one tries to jump into the train for a free ride!?
Train is the best transportation system to me.

2:39 AM  

At least that "someone" be a suicidal man, that doesn't happen in Guadalajara. Sorry to dissapoint you.

1:54 PM  

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