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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Love is in the air

We should never discard that we could find love anywhere -that's why we must be prepare always-, more reason if you are passing by any plazoleta in Guadalajara's Downtown.

I'll tell you what happend: I knew love at first smell, this window next to San Antonio Church invited me to get in; how could you resist to the wonderful and tempting smell of this coffee house?
posted by Yanit at 3:31 PM


hahahah..not love after i was actually caffein in the air!

11:15 PM  

So..., the smell of love is coffe!? That's why i'm a coffe addict.

9:09 AM  

How sweet! I love both the photo and the comments !
Greetings from Sydney Australia

6:48 AM  

Lovely. ♥

7:03 AM  

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