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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Could you see this thing is in sale? What do you think is it? This is a trivia only for people who don't speak spanish.
posted by Yanit at 3:34 PM


Is it a carpet of some kind? I don't know...very colourful though!

11:27 PM  

i think it is a thing the women wear.

5:14 AM  

Hablo español poco. ¡Necesito aprender mas pero muy difícil! I won't identify what's for sale, but I'd like it!!

8:17 AM  

Is it fabric? $24 something per meter? WHEW!

BTW, Thanks for lookin' at my blog today. Stop by again someday.

9:13 PM  

Thanks for your participation. Wait for the answer on tuesday

9:40 AM  

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