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Monday, May 08, 2006

Let's begin

They say that there's nothing like a new day to begin... well this photo was taken at 7:00 am but the sun seems like it was 3:00pm. That "new day" this City Blog, was supposed to be born, only that is until today when is finally released. This shot is from the Primavera Forest, that is in Zapopan (that still belongs to Guadalajara Metro Area (ZMG, later I'll try to explain how exactly GDL is divided). If anyone knows the name of this tree, I'd really appreciate if you let me know.

Welcome to Guadalajara Daily Photo
posted by Liz Feliz at 1:45 PM


Aloha! and welcome to the DailyPhoto family!

My stepmother lived in Guadalajara many, many years, but I have never been there. Great to get the opportunity to finally "see" the city for myself!

3:35 PM  

You are the first city in Mexico to have a DP. Welcome to the DailyPhotosCities.

11:14 AM  

Thanks for all, and I hope to show you my city.

Rudy Girón:
Thank u, and yes I'm the very first one, but I think not the last one!!

6:13 AM  

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