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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Before europeans arrived to Mexico the alcoholic beverage was the Pulque, but only the emperors and the elders were permited to drink it. It was a big foul to get drunk, and the society tried to avoid the alcohol.

From the 16 century to the 19 a lot of the money for the goverment came from the taxes in the Pulque. Today pulque is seldom drink in Mexico, beverages like beer now are more important, the trend started in the 50s and 60s when people moved from the fields to the cities, and it was considered "low" drink pulque. Still you can fiend places called "Pulquerias" and drink the liquor. It is made of a juice of cactus and naturally fermented. The juice is called "Aguamiel" like "honey water", and is really delicious.

Tlaxcala, Puebla and Hidalgo are mexican states were still the production of pulque is important. Before the beverage was for all the country.
posted by Dennys Sanborns (AKA Juan Cabeza de Vaca) at 12:07 PM


I've never tried it!!! I know, shame on me being Mexican!! I hope to get drunk with it at least once in my life.

MEmo V.

6:38 PM  

I have cousins in el estado de Puebla, so I was introduced to pulque at the age of 14. Later, when I tried a sip of beer back home in the states, I said, "Oh, it tastes just like pulque." We visited a place with my cousins where they extracted the aguamiel from the maguey, then fermented it. My cousin Jaime always called pulque "leche Mexicana"; he said that's why all the children had such rosy cheeks.

9:43 PM  

Juan, here goes a little trivia about all the alcoholic drinks that emanate from the Agave cactus. First as you take out the heart of the Agave plant ("jimar") you get the Aguamiel or honey water as you mentioned. Then as the Aguamiel goes through the process of fermentation you get the Pulque. If you take Pulque through the distillation process you obtain Mezcal. If the agave plant was the blue variant and from the Tequila area, then the Mezcal is known as Tequila. Pulque can have different flavors and colors if they add fruits to it. Take it easy with all the pulque or you are going to get the hang-over of your life.

8:59 AM  

could someone tell where i can find a pulqueria within the city of guadalajara? please i know is hard to find pulque in this city but i know it's possible, i would appreciate your help thanks.

¿alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar pulque en la ciudad de guadalajara? es poco común pero se que es posible encontrarlo solo necesito algo de ayuda, muchas gracias.

6:30 PM  

In Guadalajara go to the old bus depot "central camionera vieja" a couple of blocks down the street on the right side of the building, is "La Sierra del Tigre", it was there about 5 years ago when I was there, 10 pesos a litre. It came from Mazamitla, it was the original agave/maguey fermented beverage typical in the rural country areas

9:23 PM  

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