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Monday, June 25, 2007

Mexican Girls

Two of my former students. Acording to Wikipedia, "People in Mexico is made of Mestizos (those of European and Amerindian ancestry) form the largest group, making up to 60%–75% of the total population. The percentage of Amerindians, called indigenous peoples (indígenas) in Mexico, is estimated to be between 12% (pure Amerindian)[47] or 30% (predominantly Amerindian). Ethnic Europeans make up 9% and 15% of the population, mostly descendants of the first Spanish settlers, although many have German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Polish, Romanian, Russian and British ancestry; many are found in major cities after the waves of immigration that brought many Europeans at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, along with some Canadians and Euro-Americans from the United States."

The girl in the left is of Italian ancestry, but here it does not matters where your parents were born. Mexico is ethnically diverse, and the constitution defines the country to be a "pluricultural nation". According to law all we aere mexicans, despite our origin, and people consire themselves mexicans.
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Very interesting your caption and, useless to say, really pretty the girls.

3:43 PM  

thanks for stating that everyone is a Mexican. The first thing many Americans and other nationalities in mexico see is 'race'; a desire to categorize/separate people based on skin color. i.e. someone who is mulatto is black.

This is one beautiful thing about Guadalajara, color is freely used primarily a complimentary description. Whereas in other countries it is used to denote social and cultural characteristics.

6:56 PM  

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