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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Half and half

This little "towers" divide Colon Street at downtown; at right cars could go, but left is only for pedestrians. At the bottom of each one you could see the Guadalajara seal. This has to be done because of traffic and to keep the beauty of walking into the old side of the city.
posted by Liz Feliz at 8:53 AM


Hi Liz, Welcome to the DP family! I am so happy to see someone from Mexico, I am looking forward to seeing your photos! - From San Diego

10:53 AM  

Hello from Copenhagen! I will also be looking foreward to seeing some beautiful pictures from Mexico. I like what I've seen so far!
From Kathrine in Copenhagen

11:40 AM  

Thanks Felicia!! I'm so happy to be the first mexican!! LOL, I've love San Diego!!

Kathrine, have you ever imagined Guadalajara and Copenhagen to be this close?? I hope to be able to show you the beauty of my city!!

12:23 PM  

hello Liz! Welcome to the DP family!

Till your next picture! have a great day!

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10:28 PM  

Very cool to see the daily life in Mexico, welcome to the DP family. Really looking forward to more from you...

3:51 AM  

Thank you all for such a warm welcome!!

8:29 AM  

Liz, welcome to the DP family and greetings from Greenville, South Carolina. My favorite Mexican food restaurant in Greenville is called Guadalajara's. Mainly I like it because of the margaritas. Do they really serve margaritas in the real Guadalajara?

9:29 AM  

Yes we do, only that they aren't really popular here. But you have to try a "jarrito" or a "cazuela loca" drink, I'll try to post about theme very soon... CLUE: there's lots of tequila on them!!

5:30 AM  

Oh well, poor me one please!
Welcome also from Rotterdam in the Netherlands!

5:34 AM  

Thanks dutchie!!

5:35 AM  

You have a wonderful city. I visited a friend who lives there, back in March. I loved just sitting in the Centro. I'd start from across the Catedral, sit for awhile, then walk a bit behind it, sit for a while. Very relaxing.

8:16 AM  

c'est dans une jolie rue comme celle la que je souhaiterais me promener main dans la main avec toi si toute fois tu accepte que mes main si rude touche tes main si délicate.
jai deja dit que tu etais tres belle ?

11:37 AM  

Amiga, Buena foto. Qué onda con el franchutín que te está ligando!!! jasjaja, pídele su foto. Amiga hay que practicar la lengua del ligue.

7:05 AM  

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11:31 AM  

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