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Monday, September 11, 2006

Let it shine

After a very (very, very) rainy day, it’s always nice to se some rays of light…. LOL.

I like the composition of this pic, how the light looks on the stairs, as we see that guy at the end, waiting for the day to come.
posted by Liz Feliz at 8:18 AM


Is this late or early in the day, the shadows are quite long.

Curly's Photoshop

4:59 PM  

what you desribed is exactly what i like about this photo :)

12:19 AM  

I like it. The fungus on the stairs attest to how rainy it has been.

9:03 AM  

Very nice photo. I really like the shadows soo.

12:56 PM  

Liz, I like this photo. I like the staircase and the arches in the background.

4:06 PM  

The grain on the stone steps is excellent and the colourful facade provides a wonderful background. Great photo !

5:44 AM  

I like this! Would love to see more of the pink building in the background one day.

5:46 AM  

It's was 8am, but you know, I felt like it was earlier.

Thanks a lot, I like this picture very much.

After two months of rain imagine that!!

The shadows are long, and with a strange light that I like to capture.

I like that you like this pic :)

This kind of structure is very familiar in Mexico, I need to give you more pics like this, you'll love them.

Your word is an order!! I promise to post a 360° of this area.

2:07 PM  

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