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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're back!!!!

After our little (too long) break, we're again giving you a glance of our beautiful city. As you can see, there are some few changes... new image and all. Our dearest Yan, former contributor of this blog, moved to Playa del Carmen last month, but we hope to have her back soon.
But let's talk abour images. This is what you'll see by arriving form air to our city; sorry for the quality but sometimes digital cameras are not allowed on mexican airlines (but no-signaled cell phones equiped with cameras do... can you believe it?).
Welcome again DP lovers!!!
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Good way to land on Daily Photo blogs after your absence!

11:11 PM  

Welcome back

1:44 AM  

Hi there!
When you left i was not there.. but I was waiting patiently to see your new photos!
Great that you're back!
Greetings from Madrid

6:26 AM  

Welcome back!

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