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Friday, July 06, 2007


Jalisco is the Land of Tequila. One excellent option to experiment this delicious drink, is taking The Tequila Express and be part of a big festivity around mariachi, Mexican food, and of course; Tequila! in a beautiful Hacienda.
So definitely, once you’re in Guadalajara, just take the train and say Salud! (Cheers) and enjoy the trip.
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I went on one trip with a group of people that didn't know their limits. Interesting behavior! The kegs look great in the photo!

11:26 AM  

I have a shot similar to yours of the wine barrels on my personal blog.

11:29 AM  

The tequila express tour is very "tourist". If you could and have the desire for discovering the real village of tequila, continue on the road where you were and in 15 mn, you will be able to visit a splendid village and not just a factory!

11:12 PM  

Nice shot. Send one of those kegs this way.

10:32 PM  

It is all good, but tequila is among the best.

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9:58 AM  

i feel sexy whenever i have a shot or two of tequela. but it also spoil my night. whenever i have more than 4 to 5 shots. i will definitely spend the night on the clubs bathroom.

1:16 PM  

Enjoy indeed.

--steve buser
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7:38 PM  

Ah, Tequila! You have caused me many an embarrasing moment.

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8:57 AM  

Hey there - it sounds like fun! It even looks like fun, judging by all those kegs in the photo... I've had enough experience though to know the aftermath of too much Tequila ;-) And from the information for Jalisco which I've seen, it seems like the main amusements are Tequila, Football , and more Tequila... phew!

2:48 PM  

Hi there,
I'm glad I came across your blog. I enjoy a lot your photos and text.
I'd love to visit Guadalaraja and its vicinity, so I am looking now for good plane tickets during February breack(flying from Boston).

7:12 AM  

I know tequila a little too well from college!

7:35 AM  

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