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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The City of Roses

As you know Guadalajara is nicknamed the Tapatian Pearl, the Pearl of the West but also the City of Roses. As far as I know this is because formerly you were able to find roses everywhere, but as the city grew up, it become impossible to maintain. Yesterday I saw this flower seller right in the middle of the street, and took a picture of the pot he keeps the flowers, and I wonder if GDL's roses had become now just for selling them.

Well at least there are still some flowers spread around. Of course we have huge parks and gardens, but there's a need of color on the streets.
posted by Liz Feliz at 2:20 PM


does he go into the street to the cars to sell roses?

7:36 PM  

oh i was going to tell you about the picture that is with my post ,I have a set of these a man and a woman . I use the woman as my picture, I bought these from a Mexican man who lives here in our town. I really like them .I think they are a work of art but they are made of paper and sticks and a little paint. who ever made them was a talented person.The man who sold them to me bought them in mexico.

7:42 PM  

Is it common then for people to sell flowers on the streets like that?

7:14 AM  

Yea, is really common. So if you want to buy ones, just have to stand in a street corner and you´ll find them.

8:11 AM  


I can't really see your picture, but I guess I know the craftmanship you're talking about. These are really coommon shapes... some of them are made with corn leaves!!

2:06 PM  

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6:53 PM  

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