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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Las Caricaturas y los cuentos

This is a picture of some of the old mexican comics such as Chanoc, the adventures of a guy who lives in the jungle and the sea. The comic was so popular that there are also movies about him. From the 30s to the 60s the mexican industry of comics (we called cuentos -tales - or books of caricaturas, for the comic books), was so big that Mexico was among the countries with highs production o comics. Mexican stories such as Chanoc, La Familia Burron, Memin Pinguin, Kaliman, El Payo, Los Supersabios, Rolando el rabioso, etc were edited togueder with usual names such as Blondie or Archie. From the 70s and specially the 80s, most of them dissapeared, and today is hard that a mexican comic book survive.

The picture was taked from Tianguis cultural, were you can find some of this old comics.
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A national treasure!

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Agree with that, a great treasure

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