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Monday, June 12, 2006

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mexico, as a free nation, was born in the 19 century, the date: September 27, 1821. By that time the official religion was Catholic. Our Independence started 10 years before, with a priest having a image of our lady of Guadalupe as a flag, as a symbol of Mexicans. As the time goes, we are now a moderm society, or trying to be, and in 1857 freedom of beliefs were decreted. Despite the changes today you can see the image of our lady of Guadalupe in every catholic church together with the Mexican flag. Anyway the image and concept of our Lady of Guadalupe, as the "Mother of Mexicans" has prevailed until now, it is a mixture of old ancient prehispanic cult to Tonatzin, a goddest of live, and Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ.

This picture was taken close to my house, were a image made of stone and placed in a tree is worshiped by the neighborhood.
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where I worked, TYSON FOODS, the mexicans valued her image. I have seen them buy pictures of her and would give high prices for her image. I have researched the story. I can not relate to their worship not being catholic but i can say they valued her picture.

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