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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Street Fruits

Mexico is among the countries with highest variety and consumption of fruits. Here is a street vendor of fruits, he was preparing his stand for sell mangos, pinaples,watermellons and jicamas. Fresh fruits for the hot summer. Usually we ate the fruits with chilli powder and lemon, but specially with chilli, sweet and hot is a unique mix of flavors.

People says that after you visit Mexico, then always you will add chilli and lemon to your food, and sometimes to your beverages.
posted by Dennys Sanborns (AKA Juan Cabeza de Vaca) at 1:42 PM


It's true what you say.

ps congratulations on today's match. Bravo Mexico! (What a second half.)

5:29 PM  

just by reading your descriping, i'm drooling ..

4:12 AM  

We had chicken Mexicano yesterday, Don't ask what it was exactly but we it said Mexican seasoning on the bag :)

4:29 AM  

the mexicans where i worked put chile on their fruit. i found this very unusal. but they all did it.they gave me something they call candy, very hot and salty taste. it was made from fruit dark in color and started with a t, i never could get used to the taste but they loved it.

11:42 AM  

Enjoyed a lot! »

11:31 PM  

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