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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Plaza del Sol

Plaza del Sol is a well know mall in Guadalajara. If you'd asked me the main difference among the others, would be the quantity of fountains. This one specially likes me because it has a system that flows up the wate like a geiser, so if you aren't aware of that, you might get caught with a fresh surprise.
posted by Liz Feliz at 7:51 PM


wow....a photo blog??? ahaha
vous etiez en Bastia??? moi aussi !!
ehehe i think you must visit Ajaccio

1:55 AM  

Those palm trees and blue skies look great! I wish we had blue skies too...all we have are rain, rain, rain :(

6:13 AM  

Lo ke más me gusta de ese mall es el nombre, el sol tiene fuerza, el sol da vida, saludos y te visitaré seguido para conocer más de tu país tan parecido al mío.


9:08 AM  

Yeah, all we have in GDL are blue skies with a beautiful sun. In summer we love to enjoy the rainy days. Sadly are just for few days, like the last five days.

8:52 AM  

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9:15 PM  

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