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Monday, July 17, 2006

Los Guachimontones

Mexico is full of pre-hispanic places, probably the most know are Teotihuacan and Palenque, but our land is full of history. In Jalisco there are about 4,000 prehispanic areas ready to be discovered or recusntructed. About 50 minutes far from Guadalajara there is a small town named Teuchitlan, were in 1967 some piramids were discovered by accident: Los Guachimontones. The site started to be poblated about 400 before Christ, and long before the Aztecs were the biggest empire, the people from Guachimontones dissapeared.

The particular features of these piramids nad the culture are their circular shape. The site is close to a small lake, but hundreds of years ago, in the climax of this civilization, it use to be connected with Chapala Lake. In a future post I will talk about Chapala.
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That is a great shot! I like very much the steps of stones! Beautiful!

11:13 PM  

Beautiful shots! I find the history of the Aztecs very interesting.

5:22 AM  

Fascinating! Thanks for these posts!

9:02 AM  

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