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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dr. Simi

As you may know, we just finished election time. By now we have a winner, that is not considered as that by his opponent... but that's another story. We choose among 5 registered candidates, which belong to a political party. But as in most of the democratic systems there's a chance to vote for a civilian candidate. Well that's the case of Mr. Victor Gonzáles Torres (AKA Dr. Simi) who rules a big chain of drugstores that sell medicines cheaper than the "original" ones. He says that is the same formula only produced by his own, in fact his slogan is “Lo mismo, pero mas barato” (The same, only cheaper).

As you can imagine most of people who doesn’t have social security buy its medicine, usually poor people, so on election campaign time he used to appear almost everywhere “convincing” everyone to give him a vote, and when I say everywhere I mean it. This is the back side of a van promoting him, I thought it was carrying stuff from his drugstores, but nope… it was just doing campaign.

On july 2, election day, he obtained 0.71% of the votes, which are 297,989 votes nation wide… the “winner” (there’s still no official winner) Felipe Calderon obtained the 35.89%, 15’000,284 votes… but who’s counting???
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4:31 PM
muerte al doctor simi, mexicano te esta matando con medicinas radioactivas de chernobil y chechenia

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