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Monday, October 09, 2006

Agave... tequila!!

This weekend I went toZapotlanejo , and on my way to the country side of this town (like 1 hour away from GDL) I was able to catch this image of agave plants (from where tequila is obtained). This is on a very old way, into a ranch, hence the pile of rocks tham makes the fence.
posted by Liz Feliz at 7:57 AM


I love tequila and I had no idea it came from a plant which looks like this ... Your photo is almost dreamlike with the white sheen on the tops of the plants ... Good comment about the rock fence.

8:34 PM  

I thought tequila is from cactus, but maybe this is one kind of cactus?

10:11 PM  

Very interesting. Can you eat the plant naturally or is it only good for making tequila?
By the way, in Sydney today, we're talking about Coke... a different kind of drink!!!

3:47 AM  

You can eat them, they are sweet, if you visit Guadalajara you can go to Tequila and there are tours to all the factories and you can eat the vegetables before made them tequila.

1:53 PM  

wow. The things one learns from others daily photo sites. I too had no idea tequilla came from a plant.

8:42 AM  

I went on a Tequilla factory tour outside of Guadalajara in March 2005. Quite an experience and quite a smell. Also interesting to watch the college students at the end of the tour when we were taken to a show room and offered free samples before buying. Some pretty drunk people got back on the bus. And pretty sick, too, before we got back to the city.

6:40 AM  

Fantastic! I could never imagine that such a solitary plant is grown on the fields like grass.

11:12 AM  

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