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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tlaquepaque at night

These two magicians dancing on Tlaquepaque, give the street such an enchanted charm. It’s such an experience to take a walk down here because of the architecture, the weather… This is outside of the Museo Regional De Las Artesanías (Regional Museum of Craftsmanship), just in front of Sergio Bustamante’s gallery (the artist that created this sculpture).
posted by Liz Feliz at 12:31 PM


Yeah my dear friend it`s just amazing being setting there watching all the great architecture with the fresh wind playing with your hair while you eat a ice cream of drik a beer.
It was time for GDL to be shown to the hole world.

5:55 PM  

Nice sculpture...and the night shot looks absolutely stunning!

11:47 PM  

Yes! just yesterday we were walking by Tlaquepaque, asking for a Tlaquepaque Fair Schedule (which, by the way, are made for tourists), talking about how beautiful our city is (lol), so, I just want to say to the international community: Come visit Tlaquepaque, it will definitely be a great experience.

1:57 PM  

I am very impressed with your city...

5:58 PM  

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