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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

La Fuente

La Fuente (the fountain in English) is a famous Cantina in Guadalajara. It is located in the downtown, close to goverment hall, the school of music, the teacher's union and the local congress. Usually u can see musicians, politicians, teachers, students young and old people, all together having a good time. A band of musicians plays regulary, singing old boleros and tangos.

There is a bycicle there, really old, you can see it above the main bar. The legent said that once a customer came, drank, and he had no money, so he let his bycicle like a payment and promesing to return next day......well, they are still waiting for him.

posted by Dennys Sanborns (AKA Juan Cabeza de Vaca) at 10:07 AM


Hey, that is my bike!!!

9:48 PM  

When I saw the first pic I thought "Oh, they are all men - would i feel comfortable in there?" So glad you posted the second one!

1:43 AM  

Fanje,if you go back to get that bike, will you have to pay a storage fee?

6:41 AM  

Imagine the Fee!!!

Any time is great to be there with the friens.

Sally, when you get there, first you’ll see just men, they are always at the entrance so they can see all the women when they walk into.

I Love the Pictures Juan!!!

9:01 AM  

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