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Monday, July 03, 2006

Sad, sad, sad

On1992 Guadalajara suffered a great pain. I was eight years old at that time, so I don’t think I can say the exact amount of fear we all live back then. I just remember my father’s face as he was driving to “visit” her sister out of GDL at 2am…

This sad episode happened days after the residents of de Barrio of Analco started complaining about a strong “gasoline” smell coming from the sewers. When the experts decided that there was no need to evacuate, everyone went to sleep. But in the morning after, exactly April 22nd numerous explosions in the sewer system destroyed more than two miles of street. Officially, 206 people were death, some other 500 were hurt and 15,000 were left homeless.

On 2004, this thing was revealed in order to remember the suffering and pain of this chapter. Is located very close to Gante Street, the most damaged at this tragedy… I just think is horrible and very hard to watch. It reminds so much of the images I remember seen on TV and newspapers.
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was it sewer gas that caused the expolsion?

11:15 AM  

I find that tribute quite distastful.Could they not have come up with something more sensitive?

3:06 PM  

Yes very sad, but a nice monument, thanks for sharing.

3:40 AM  

Best regards from NY!
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