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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Guadalajara has mainly only two seasons: rain or not rain. Winter is not so cold, last time we have snow was about 1997, after 100 years since last one. It was a fenomenom and people enjoyed.

But rain, well, that is another subject. When rain we mean rain!!, streets full of water and broken trees. The good thing about rain it is almost always at night, and also helps to have our forest green. Also you can catch a nice rainbow like this.
posted by Dennys Sanborns (AKA Juan Cabeza de Vaca) at 11:01 AM



4:58 PM  

beautiful rainbow - that is some serious rain u guys get there!!!

12:56 AM  

I love this season!!! It´s fresh. Guadalajara´s weather is just great; never so cold, never so hot

7:20 AM  

Good shot, beautiful rainbow. I love this season too.

What impressed me the most was the 7 eleven sign you couldn't avoid, jeje.

9:46 AM  

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