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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Theme day

Today is Theme Day on Daily Bloggers network. The idea is to post a pic form us on our favorite place in our cities. Well, I think this is at Chop Restaurant, which although is a cool place, we've seen better, but I choose this picture because we are with some of our predilected people.

Here it is Gaby, Alethia, Lucia, Mr. Cabeza de Vaca, Yoly and me...
posted by Liz Feliz at 2:07 PM


Did you just call your friend "Cow's head?" LOL

You are very pretty!!

4:25 PM  

aah...always nice to hang out with friends!

5:42 PM  

When you said you would participate i only saw your previous post and got worried with that mirror, now i'm going to sleep more quietly, finaly i saw happy faces:-D

6:04 PM  

Yea! Going to Chop with you guys is really cool!
Lets go out and have more fun

7:28 AM  

And i supposse you drank some beer, because all of you are so funny and happy. hehehe.

Greetings from per├║

10:23 AM  

de vaca is a lot younger than i thought.

1:51 PM  

Thank you all for your comments!!

Franje: That's his nickname!! He chosed it!

Santy: You have no idea, i-m so needing that right now!

Nuno: I'm glad to finaly CONTACT you!!

Spoiled: We'll have it soon!!

irredento: You beth that!!

Patsy: How old de you think he was???

3:03 PM  

Hi there! =)

Thanks for stopping by - sorry I have not come by sooner but what a great first pic first impression of your wonderful country! You're all so happy looking and beautiful - I met a person in my class last semester at the University and she is from Mexico - she tells me wonderful stories of her home and growing up in Mexico - I will need to tell her about your blog! Looking forward to seeing future postings as I browse around a bit =)

4:27 AM  

truth i would have said 40 years.

6:17 AM  

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