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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


In spanish a Calandria is the name of a kind of bird, I am not sure about their name in english, but here in Guadalajara a Calandria is also a traditional carriage pulled by a horse, and used by the tourists. Usually a visitor takes the tour from the historical downtown to other places where there are nice views of the city. It was funny to see this sign forbidden a calandria to be ride in a particular street. Beleive me, the street where I took the picture is all but touristic.
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orale pues!

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lentement il faut etre et pas trop presse...

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great pictures, I have meet some of your fellow country people living in north west arkansas where i live.We have a Tyson poultry plant here and some of the people are from your city. my neighbor is from your city. glad to find your site.

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A very nice post on the parking theme. Gracias mucho.

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Juan Antonio será rebautizado como Cow Head, dado que el blog es en inglés.

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