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Friday, May 26, 2006

Another disc on the wall

Some old LP's at a flea market. You can find really good items among them... real good treasures in a very cheap price. Even though the music is the real star here, you can't miss watching the pictures of younger versions of the singers, and the covers are so colorful and cute!!
posted by Liz Feliz at 6:34 AM


Oh I can see Paul Anka's!!!


6:54 AM  

They're sentimental now, album covers.

9:28 AM  

Cesar Costa, jajajaja.
For one of your days I suggest traditional local venues for food and drinks. I thought of Tortas Amparito (downtown), Aguas de Tepic, Tortas del Santuario, Tortas del Negro... I miss mexican food as you can tell.

3:25 PM  


Did you know that Amparito just passed away a few months ago?? It was even published on the first page of some papers!!

I hope to show you the pics you request very soon!!

3:39 PM  

Great shot!

5:54 PM  

Haha, looks like there is a lot of old local talents on display there =)

I have a few pictures of LP-covers of old swedish dancebands. I got to dig them up whereever I´ve saved them. They´re hilariously funny. Albumcovers tell so much about the time they were made in.

Thanks for showing Mexico by the way = )

12:48 PM  

Thanks for visiting Marie and Alex!!

2:05 PM  

O i would love to nose thru these albums!

4:02 AM  

I did not know about Amparito... she was an urban legend...

Thanks for considering my request Liz

3:45 PM  

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