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Sunday, May 28, 2006


The people of Guadalajara are known as tapatíos. Over the years, there had been many, many, and many stories trying to explain the origin of this word... and why are we called like this. One of these stories says that at the old entrance of San Pedro Tlaquepaque (the column at the right of this picture is what's letf of the garita) there was a young lady that used to sell tamales with her uncle (in spanish "tío"); they have so many customers that they could not get the lid (again in spanish "tapa") over of the pot. So the girl used to tell him: "the lid, uncle!" (not the greatest translation) in spanish "¡la tapa, tío!". As she said this too much, people started to call them "tapatíos"... so, here you go (but still... how come did we all get this nickname?, I'll tell you the other stories later, maybe we'll find out).

This old entrance was destroyed during a car accident in which a very glamorous member of Tlaquepaque's high society was death... and in her honour was never rebuilt.

This is at Plaza de la Bandera... another source of interesting stories.
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Only you could known that!!


2:08 PM  

Ay mi Liz, siempre ñoñeando

Ja ja ja, no te creas, esta padrisimo tu blog.


2:09 PM  

What's the name of the dead chick?

4:05 PM  


I just forgot! I've been trying to remember, but my brain is not helping... I'll give you the name as soon as it gets to me again. I love that story that's why I decided to metion it,even when I didn't have the exact data. I promise to write the full version.

10:19 AM  

mmmmh...I'm not sure about that theory...I never heard of it before

6:26 PM  

Where did you find it? Interesting read »

7:08 AM  

That's a great story. Waiting for more. film editing schools

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