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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tacos, tacos

Tacos are definitely one of the most know mexican dishes around the world. Not that Taco Bell is not a real "taco" because there are as many varieties as you can imagine... just put some food onto a tortilla and ta da!! you have a taco. But this photo shows a very common taquero (taco seller) an authentic taco man. Later we'll talk about different tastes and kinds of tacos.
posted by Liz Feliz at 8:57 AM


Oh yeah, taco bell hasn't anything similar to real mexican street tacos

Great shots Liz Feliz


2:33 PM  

Hmmmm taco's! I shouldnt be visiting DP sites around lunchtime!

3:08 AM  

Yes, this is a good shot, I love food photos!

3:30 AM  

It´s great going out and after being dancing all night finish at the Taquerías with the friends

9:46 AM  

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