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Friday, May 19, 2006

The tree of Pisa

This tree seems to be “depressed” or something about its condition.. Is located at Lopez Mateos Avenue, in front of Plaza del Sol (one of the most important malls at GDL). This is a very conflictive zone on raining time, that by the way is just around the corner. But nobody seems to be worried about the danger it may represent in a storm (and I'm not even mentioning the cable!) I took this shot for GDP, and I’m sending it also to the Mayor's office… maybe they can save it, and replant it on another location.
posted by Liz Feliz at 6:09 AM


Oh gosh!

Weirdest thing of the day, thanks liz feliz, amazing pictures.


3:06 PM  

"Depressed" lol... I really loke the way you write your posts., great blog

Hill T. J.

4:38 PM  

:-) In a short while there'll be tourists taking picture of themselves holding the tree... just like in pisa!

3:22 AM  

LOL, very humorous posst

5:13 AM  

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6:44 AM  

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