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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Glorieta del Charro

Charreria is definitely the most Mexican of all sports, even when is one of the sports less played by Mexicans. The thing is that this monument celebrates the meaning that charros represent for Mexico’s inhabitants.

I took this on a very sunny day, so it looked too exposed, hence the sepia treatment. But I think now has this ancient look that old tradition gives.

As you may have seen, Mr. Cabeza de Vaca has joined GDP providing some pics and wise words.
We want to show you Guadalajara as it is, so with both points of view would be easier... and richer.
posted by Liz Feliz at 10:59 AM


Really cool pic!!


2:28 PM  


Quitando el logo del Burger King, neta que me la creo!

Saludos amiguita

2:29 PM  

can you still find people playing it nowadays?

5:59 PM  


Sure!! The charreadas, are competitions in which charros compete to get the biggest recognition.. THE CHARRO COMPLETO ("The Complete Charro Award". But there's exhibitions almost every week.

3:31 PM  

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Great Picture, well done.

Cesar Rubio.

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