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Monday, June 05, 2006

Having a final test

Despite mexican law says that goverment must give free public education, the quantity of students having a university degree is lower than in the developed countries, because there are not enough space in public universities for the students, and the good private universities are expensive.

Here are some of my students having their final test. In Guadalajara we have the second largest public university in the country, Universidad de Guadalajara, but also at least other 7 private universities with good standards, and a bunch not so good. A lot of students from other states, and even from other countries, come to Guadalajara to have their studies, so it is usual to see a lot of young people in the city.

There is only two weeks for the end of spring semester, so a lot of them are in their finals papers and exams.
posted by Dennys Sanborns (AKA Juan Cabeza de Vaca) at 6:02 PM


O and the joy of a months during holiday! (that is if you did well ofcourse ;0)

6:20 AM  

Do you realize the quantity nervousness that you can breathe in the air in a classroom full of students having a final test?

Yes, finally I put a commentary on your blog ;)


2:11 PM  

WhazZ'up Prof!

So you speak real good english! I knew you planed something mean with those pictures of us, showing to the world how hard it is when you teachers try to meassure what's actually unmeassurable wich is our intelectual been and our habilities to remember what we read, just like if it's possible to get to a point in our jobs that will need to especify what does a seller do... easy... sell!!
Anyway, i want to thank you for your support, your time and your sharing, it's been a nice semester... i accept i deserved that 60! jejeje have a nice summer, prof!!!

3:22 PM  

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