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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mexican Rockers

Since 11 years ago every saturday in Guadalajara there is a special tianguis -(the mexican name for street market)- called tianguis cultural.

All kind of young people and urban tribes (like this two guys in the picture) meet here peacefully to find stuffs to buy: punks, rastafarians, headbangers, old and young hippies, goths, and even japanese comic's collectors.

The idea started a little bit from another that exists in Mexico city since more than 20 years ago, the tianguis del chopo. The difference between tianguis cultural and tianguis del chopo is that the second and oldest one has more stands selling records, cds, and cassetes, basically oriented to rock and its differents types of rhythms. Famous rock stars have been there looking for unique recordings.

Our version in Guadalajara, despite having less stands selling music, has more selling books, comics, paintings, handcrafts and people drawing tattoos and putting piercings. Anyway you can find real treasures here, like a record signed by Roxy Music for only 1.5 Dollars.
posted by Dennys Sanborns (AKA Juan Cabeza de Vaca) at 1:40 PM


Sounds fun!

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these guys look cool!

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