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Friday, June 02, 2006

Monsters and Mexico

Before the Spaniards arrived to Mexico, the ancient cultures had not a concept for the devil as the Christians have. There were only gods for rain, for forest, for tress, etc. related with the acts of nature. They have to be happy, so a lot of ceremonies were performed in order to keep the ancient gods content, such as take off the bleeding hearts from the virgins and prisioners (it is not a joke).

Anyway, with the arrival of the Spaniards and the Christians beliefs, a mixture of ideas and ceremonies were born in Mexico together with the ancient beliefs. Today you can see children playing with figures of devils, skulls, monsters and witches. There are small towns famous for their handcrafst and pottery, such as Ocumicho, Michoacan, where the women of the town made figures of devils playing guitars, playing futbol, cooking, etc, made of clay.

In Jalisco, the state where Guadalajara is located, also there are several dances with devils fighing against angels, or moors vs. catolic heroes, despite here there were not muslims, all of them using masks.
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